The association provides services for assigning an individual DOI prefix, entering the Crossref registry and connecting to the Crossref bibliographic reference system.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an international standard (ISO 26324: 2012) for identifying information that is assigned to scientific publications, such as: scientific articles, collections of scientific articles, conference abstracts, conference reports, reviews of scientific articles, dissertations, grant applications, patents, reports on scientific work, textbooks, scientific aids, monographs. For scientific content, DOIs are assigned by the registration agency Crossref.

The Association represents in the Russian Federation the company “KVANTOR PLUS” S.R.L, which is the official partner of Crossref. “KVANTOR PLUS” S.R.L is one of the sponsoring organizations of Crossref.

To start cooperation and conclude an agreement, you must send a letter with the details of the organization to indicating “DOI” in the subject line.