Association “PAAS” further Association

The purpose of the Association is to build an optimal structure, logical organization, methods, technologies and tools for modeling organizational management of educational organizations on the basis of an analytical approach, system dynamics and sociocybernetic principles of management for scientific and methodological support of the effectiveness of managerial professional activities, scientific publishing, publication of scientific materials and their promotion in Russian and international citation bases, the creation of new methods and technologies in the system of advanced training, independent assessment of qualifications, as well as scientific examination of programs, projects, recommendations, other documents and materials on the profile of work.


An analytical approach to the management of the educational system at various levels of professional activity.

System dynamics as a tool and methodology for the study of complex systems, which includes an educational organization that has many feedback loops and time delays.

Sociocybernetics as a basis for the study and display of invisible social forces that contribute to reproduction, continuous development, expansion and development of autopoietic control systems.

Activities of professional member organizations, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of members of the Association, whose professional activity is related to education or the provision of educational services.

Monitoring the education market and educational services in the context of the digitalization of the economy and changes in the level of theoretical and practical training of pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical, managerial and administrative personnel in the system of advanced training.

Publishing scientific journals in the field of natural, technical, social and humanitarian sciences;

Publications on various branches of science and their promotion in Russian and international citation bases;

Scientific expertise of programs, projects, recommendations, as well as other documents and materials on the profile of the work;

Organizational and economic activities aimed at meeting public needs and providing services in the fields of education, science, providing advice within the framework of statutory goals;

Publication activity of pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical, administrative and managerial personnel;

Development of teaching methods, test tasks, methodological tools and teaching aids for pedagogical, administrative and managerial personnel, aimed at improving the professional level;